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You may be entitled to claim money from a class action settlement involving American Express gift cards 

A proposed settlement in a class action lawsuit offers money to eligible users and holders of approximately 70 million American Express gift cards, plus benefits for others, including those who bought gift cards for other people.  If you are included, you may submit a claim form, or you may exclude yourself from the settlement, or object to it.  The United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois authorized this notice.  Before any money is paid, the Court must decide whether to approve the settlement.  Click the links at the left to learn more about your legal rights and options.






Please do not contact the Court or American Express directly about this lawsuit for information or advice.
This site is not operated by American Express. This settlement is supervised by the Court and is administered by a claims administration firm that handles all aspects of claims processing. The Settlement Administrator is independent of American Express, and therefore American Express will not respond to questions from the Class regarding claims or settlement administration.

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